Congratulations to Mr. Caleb Hill on his graduation with a PhD degree!

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We congratulate Caleb Hill on his graduation with  a PhD degree. Dr.  Hill’s research at UA involves organic solar cells and developing new spectroelectrochemistry methods for improved understanding of redox events at the nanometer scale. He is currently working with Professor Allen J. Bard as a postdoc in  UT-Austin. Congratulations Caleb!

See you at the 249th American Chemical Society National Meeting (March 22-26, 2015) in Denver, Colorado!

acs 249th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

March 22-26, 2015, Denver, Colorado

Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry (COLL)

Symposium on Metallic Nanostructures for Biosensing and Alternative Energy Conversion (Oral)


Shanlin Pan, Department of Chemistry, The University of Alabama, USA. Tel: 1-205-348-6381. Email:

Jie Zhen, Department of Chemistry, University of Texas in Dallas, USA. Tel: 1-972-883-5768. Email:

This symposium will consider experimental and theoretical research work of Au and Ag nanostructures and their hybrids with materials such as polymers, small molecules, and semiconductors of interests for optical spectroscopy enhancement, sensing, imaging, and renewable energy. Appropriate topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Electrocatalysts of nanostructured Au and Ag
  • Biomolecular sensing and imaging with plasmonic techniques
  • Surface enhanced solar cells and photoelectrochemistry
  • New plasmonic nanostructure synthesis and characterization
  • Experimental and theoretical study of plasmonics
  • Biosensing technologies with metallic nanomaterials
  • Nanoelechemistry using noble metal tip
  • Single molecule and single nanoparticle spectroscopy
  • Plasmon electrochemistry and spectroelectrochemistry using surface plasmon
  • Electroluminescence and organic light emitting diodes
  • Tip-enhanced Rama and fluorescence
  • Surface-enhanced Raman and fluorescencesigma

Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Clayton on his graduation!

Congratulations to Daniel Clayton on his graduation!  Daniel is currently working at the Minot State University as a visiting assistant professor. His research in the Pan group was focused on spectroelectrochemistry of nanostructured silver for applications in surface enhanced raman spectroscopy and photoelectrochemical reactions.