Our research efforts are directed towards developing new electrode materials for optoelectronic devices and exploring new electrochemical properties of individual nanoparticles and molecules using combined tools of electrochemistry and spectroscopy.

Our current research projects include:

1.New electrode materials for electrocatalysts, alternative energy harvesting, storage, and conversion 

Preparation of well-defined functional nanostructures, including metallic nanocrystals with synergistic functions, inorganic/conjugated polymer and small organic molecule semiconductor nanostructures, and investigation of their electrochemical and optical properties, such as photoelectrochemistry (PEC), electrogenerated chemiluminescence (ECL), charge storage, and catalytic behavior for fuel oxidation and water splitting with solar energy.

2.Fundamental research of single molecule/particle spectroelectrochemistry

Using combined methods of single molecule spectroscopy and electrochemistry to understand structure-function relationship of nanostructures at single molecule/particle level. Our goal is to develop ultrasensitive electrochemical detecting system with improve spatial and spectral resolution for studying redox activities at the nanometer scale.

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